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Merry Christmas!

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“… history is to mankind precisely what the experience of living is to an individual – that is to say, a drama to be lived through. We do not write the script, nor do we choose our allotted parts; what is required of us is to speak our lines, make our entrances and our exits, until the curtain falls and our role is for the time being exhausted. … Our business is to find God, the dramatist behind the drama, and, having found Him, to follow Him in the light of the revelation vouchsafed us in the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” (Malcolm Muggeridge, Confessions of a Twentieth-Century Pilgrim, 78)

Five Star Review: Philippians for Pastors

Affirmation for my “… for Pastors” Bible Commentaries

Dr. Charles Savelle, Professor of Biblical Exposition at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has just done me a great kindness by including some affirmation of my three New Testament commentaries here. You will want to check out his excellent webpage filled with all kinds of help for expositors of God’s word:

A Writing Update

You may already know that …

Philippians for Pastors was just released by Kress Biblical Resources. It is the third volume in my “… for Pastors” New Testament Bible commentaries. You can get any one of the three for 45% off retail and free shipping (for orders over $20) at the publisher’s website: They are also available at and as well as other online retailers.

You don’t yet know that …

God has opened the door for the publication of two other books.

I’ve just signed a contract for He is Able! with JourneyForth Press. It should be released sometime in 2019.

Also, Cruciform Press has committed to publishing Chosen People, my first foray into the realm of fiction. Watch for its release sometime in the first half of 2019.

I look forward to sharing more about these new books in the coming days. In the meantime please pray that God would guide the preparation process for He is Able! and Chosen People and that all three books would be greatly used of God?

And finally an update on the Arabic translation of Proverbs: A Mentor Commentary. The translation was completed some months ago. The text is now being formatted and laid out before it heads to the printers. Please be in prayer for those undertaking this extensive work. And, of course, pray that God would use this greatly across the Arabic speaking world.

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