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He is Able — a new review

Here’s a new review of He is Able by pastor, blogger and voracious reader, Ernie Bowman:

He is Able by John Kitchen is a book about your inability and God’s ability. You can’t, but he can. You probably already “know” this, but do you believe it and do you demonstrate that belief by your actions and thought patterns? In short chapters that make for perfect reading length, John Kitchen walks us through the process of learning to rest in the power and sovereignty of God. If you have ever felt spiritually helpless, frustrated, alone, or incompetent, this readable and relatable book is perfect for you. It makes a great choice for someone who is not a reader because Kitchen breaks things down in short chapters with a conversational tone. Highly recommended!

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He is Able — update

It’ always an exciting day for an author when his new book arrives!

And its even better when you find evidence someone in your own family is reading your book!

Would you pray that in individual lives God demonstrates through this book what He is Able to do?

He is Able!

I’m celebrating the release of He is Able!

Would you help spread the word by sharing this book trailer on your social media accounts?

He is Able — Coming September 10!

September 10 has been established as the official release date for He is Able. Join me in praying as that day approaches, asking God to use this book for His glory as He empowers it to the good of many people.

On its Way!

Coming this summer! Pray with me for the final preparations and printing and as I work with the publisher on a pre-release plan.

I am thankful for Kristen Carruthers’s great design work on the cover. Check out some of her other work at

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