"The unfolding of your words gives light ..." (Psalm 119:130a)

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The Word of the Lord Proves True

Though pain is present and confusion is nigh,

Though fear comes calling and worries stack high,

Though skies be cloudy and hearts be blue,

The word of the Lord proves true.


Though friends forsake and kin turn back,

Though answers are gone and finances lack,

Though tears run rivers and wisdom’s askew,

The word of the Lord proves true.


Though understanding is hard and answers don’t compute,

Though explanations are goofy and reasons are moot,

Though doubts are rising and answers are few,

The word of the Lord proves true.

(cf. 2 Samuel 22:31; Psalm 18:30; Proverbs 30:5)

What then is this thing, hope?


What then is this thing, hope?
Its presence so easily presumed upon
Its price so consistently devalued
Its promise so seldom realized

What then is this thing, hope?
A whisper of another world
A herald from a King
A schematic of a future home

What then is this thing, hope?
Whose absence is hell
Whose advent is life
Whose actualization is heaven

What then is this thing, hope?
On a dark Saturday
After a Good Friday
On this day before …

What then is this thing?

What If?

What if?

What if I can’t pay my bills?

What if I loose all life’s frills?


What if I get cancer?

What if there isn’t an answer?


What if my child’s in a crash?

What if it’s all gone in a flash?


What if my spouse leaves me?

What if she won’t hear my pleas?


What if I loose my home?

What if I’m forced to wander and roam?


What if my children don’t believe?

What if the faith they do leave?


What if my children rebel?

What if they don’t care about hell?


What if?


What if the war doesn’t end?

What if it only extends?


What if the tensions spike?

What if terrorists strike?


What if the economy takes a dive?

What if my nest egg doesn’t survive?


What if the other party wins?

What will happen to us then?


What if democracy fails?

What if we’re all thrown into jails?


What if our borders are breached?

What if the president’s impeached?


What if the races riot?

What’ll become of my calm quiet?


What if?


What if the sun were to shift?

What if the planets started to drift?


What if the moon lost its orbit?

What if the earth we couldn’t inhabit?


What if the air became foul?

What if we sputter and howl?


What if our waters became bitter?

What if the stars ceased to glitter?


What if gravity ceased to exist?

What if life as we know it doesn’t persist?


What if global warming is true?

What if reality looses its glue?


What if El Nino is back?

What if all just goes black?


What if?

What if the Bible is true?

What if all is not askew?


What if Jesus is God?

Would that really be too odd?


What if He did die for me?

What if salvation is free?


What if God is truly sovereign?

Couldn’t He solve this earth’s problem?


What if God is in control?

What if all is headed toward a goal?


What if God’s love is victorious?

What if He does look down over us?


What if Jesus does come again?

What if all then is made plain?


What if I did trust in Him?

Would all still seem so grim?


Yes, indeed, What if?

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