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"The unfolding of your words gives light ..." (Psalm 119:130a)

Month: April 2019

Nothing Else Matters

In Latayne Scott’s novel, Conspiracy of Breath, an initially skeptical Priscilla, upon giving the message of Christ a fair hearing concludes:

“I learned that death on a cross is a martyrdom, but that resurrection is a gospel.

I learned that if there is such a thing as a resurrection, nothing else matters.

I learned that if there is no such thing as a resurrection, nothing else matters.” (pp.32-33)

Scripture Picture

Cruciform Fiction

The folks at Cruciform Press have begun publishing novellas under their fiction imprint (Cruciform Fiction) believing that “Truth is no stranger to fiction.” Four volumes have been published thus far (you find them here) and mine is next in line for publication later this year. I’m including a link here to the first in a series of blog posts we various authors for Cruciform Fiction will be sharing in the coming days. Hope you’ll join us in exploring how fiction can be a great carrier for truth.

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