Christian Suffering — 1 Peter 4:12-19

Suffering is a fact. But Christ transforms suffering for His people.

I. Suffering is a test to pass. (12)

  • Timing … it is unexpected. (“do not be surprised”)
  • Feelings … it is painful. (“fiery trial”)
  • Purpose … it is refining. (“fiery trial“)
  • Duration … it seems endless (“when it comes … were happening”)
  • Identity … it is confusing. (“Beloved …the fiery trial … comes upon you”)

II. Suffering is fellowship to enter. (13-14)

  • When you share Christ’s sufferings, He shares His Spirit with you.
  • Suffering comes before and leads to glory.

III. Suffering is choice to make. (15-16)

  • We can choose to suffer for doing wrong. (15)
  • We can choose to suffer for doing right. (16)

IV. Suffering is a judgment to face. (17-18)

  • Judgment for the believing = discipline. (17a)
  • Judgment for the unbelieving = destruction. (17b-18)

V. Suffering is an opportunity to seize. (19)