“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.”

(1 Timothy 4:7)

Prayer — God molding me.

  • NOT getting my way with God.
  • BUT God conforming my heart to His own.

Solitude — God quieting me.

  • NOT simply resting from my activities.
  • BUT God stilling my soul.

Fasting — God focusing me.

  • NOT manipulating God.
  • BUT God removing distractions from my life.

Scripture — God speaking to me.

  • NOT hearing what I want God to say.
  • BUT God sharing His mind with me.

Writing — God clarifying me.

  • NOT writing down my ideas.
  • BUT God revealing what He is doing.

Fellowship — God touching me.

  • NOT expecting others to meet my needs.
  • BUT God channeling His life through me.

Obedience — God delighting in me.

  • NOT doing what I must.
  • BUT joining God in what He is doing.

Suffering — God refining me.

  • NOT simply enduring pain.
  • BUT God forging character in me.