“God is not bound. He is free, unfettered, unrestricted. Nothing binds God. Yet there is one thing (and only one thing) that binds God—His own nature. He is “The Lord”—Yahweh, the covenant-making, covenant-keeping God of grace. Only the self-imposed restriction of His covenant promises made to us puts any limitation upon God. Only His nature as a faithful, covenant-keeping God limits Him. Only His gracious promises, made out of no obligation on His part, restrict Him in any way. God is completely free, unfettered, unhindered, unobstructed. He can do as He pleases and all that He pleases is done. Nothing can stop His hand.  Nothing can ultimately resist His will. Yet He has set His pleasure upon keeping a Bible-full of promises to His covenant people. He commits His will and all His infinite resources to fulfilling what He has spoken to you.” (Pathways to Peace, pp.101-102)