“I am . . . your reward.” (Genesis 15:1)  “The Lord is my portion.” (Lam. 3:24a)

These two seemingly distant passages of Scripture came together in my mind this morning.

To Abraham (to whom God had just given what is perhaps the largest promise ever given – to make of him a great nation through which He would bless all the nations of the world) God said, “I am . . . your reward” (Gen. 15:1). 

Many years later God guided Jeremiah (who had just lost everything he ever counted dear, everything he ever believed God for) to pray, “The Lord is my portion” (Lam. 3:24a).

On either end of the spectrum – whether God has offered me everything or He seems to have taken everything from me – He alone is my reward and portion (inheritance).  Even when I have it all, I have nothing more than God.  And when I have lost everything, I have nothing less than God.

He who has everything, including an intimate relationship to God, has nothing more than God alone.  In fact he has nothing more than him who has nothing and yet still enjoys an intimate relationship to God.  He who has lost everything, but still has God, has nothing less than he who has God and everything else.  Either way, God is my inheritance, portion, and reward. 

Heavenly Father, let me count You to be my only and greatest inheritance and reward in this life and in the next.  Be my portion.  With You I have all things.  Without You I have nothing.  Enable me to treasure You, O Lord, my God above all things.  I pray this in Jesus’ Name, amen.