Dispatches from the Front

For two decades Tim Keesee has traveled the planet, engaging the frontline forces of the King as they advance the Kingdom of light and push back the boundaries of the kingdom of darkness. Written in travelogue form, Dispatches From the Front provides windows that allow us glimpses into the hard facts and spiritual realities at play in the combustible confrontation of light and darkness. Keesee not only tells the stories well, he tells them artfully, and with spiritual grace and sensitivity. He weaves elements of church history, personal worship and Biblical insight into his factual reporting. While he does not whitewash the hardships—and the realities can be grim—the spiritual impact of reading Keesee’s reports and reflections is one of uplift of the soul, confidence in the gospel, and joy over the faithfulness of our brother’s and sister’s in Christ. Dispatches From the Front made me want to live more courageously, to move in faith, to risk, to live well for the glory of Christ. I highly recommend this refreshing, faith-stimulating, joy-inducing book.