(this is the final post in this series, see parts 1-5 for the fuller context)

Finally, the logical. Let me simply point out that it seems to be a false dichotomy to pit expository preaching and training/equipping people to feed themselves on the Word of God over against one another. The one does not necessarily exclude the other (i.e., if you emphasize expository preaching you aren’t training people to feed themselves on the Word of God). In fact, while expository preaching may not necessarily drive people to their Bibles to feed themselves, it is hard to imagine a people truly equipped to feed themselves on the Word of God who did not desire the corporate experience of doing that very thing together as a people. It is kind of like saying, “I trained my teenager to cook so that he will be independent and live on his own. For that reason we no longer eat family meals together.” The one doesn’t lead to the other. In fact, our family has found it does quite the opposite – we enjoy our times of eating together even more now that our kids have grown and learned to fend for themselves in the kitchen. But then, maybe that’s just because of our last name.

So, ________, thanks again for your email. Sorry this has gone on this long, but I’ve tried to respond to what I heard you asking/saying in as succinct and yet thorough way as I know how.

Richest blessings on you, my brother!