What is the essence of evangelism?

When you have removed all the different methods of doing evangelism, what is left?

What common denominator can be found among all the different legitimate ways of doing evangelism?

Try this on for size:

Evangelism is the process of intentionally moving into relationship with those God has sovereignly placed around me for the purpose of showing and telling them the love of Christ in such a way that they will be compelled toward personal faith in Jesus Christ.

These then are the essential elements of evangelism:

1. Evangelism is both a process and an event.

2. Evangelism is intentional!

3. Evangelism is relational.

4. Evangelism involves looking at how God has sovereignly placed people in my life.

5. Evangelism’s purpose is to spread the love of Christ in word and deed.

6. Evangelism is inherently persuasive!

7. Evangelism is aimed at both the event of conversion and the life of discipleship.