“Life is worship.

Not should be. Is.

Humans are worshipers by default. Worship is a reflex. By an inbred necessity of the heart, we adore, sacrifice, praise and give ourselves away in worship. We were created for this.

As A.W. Tozer put it, worship is “the normal employment of moral beings . . . It is something built into human nature.”

The Fall didn’t remove the worship-impulse; it scrambled it. It didn’t obliterate worship; it changed the object of our worship.When Adam and Eve turned from worship of God to devotion to their desires, they cast the mold for all their descendants. John Calvin had it right with regard to the human heart: it is “a perpetual forge of idols.” Look around. Look within! It’s hard to argue with him. Worship is everywhere, idolatrous though much of it is.

Life rightly lived, life fully enjoyed, is lived as an unfolding, moment-by-moment expression of worship to God.” (Life as Worship, p.17)