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I’m Giving Away Books!


I’m giving away 4 copies of my newest book, Life as Worship! There are two conditions and one test.

The conditions:

1) You’ll read it, and

2) Within four weeks of receiving the book you’ll post an honest (but not necessarily positive) review on Amazon.com and at least one other social media site (e.g. Goodreads.com; Christianbook.com).

The test: In most major, modern English translations of the Bible, where is the first use of the word “worship” and who is doing the worshiping?

A copy will go to each of the first four people to comment with the correct answer. Once the winners have been determined, please, no begging for additional copies!

PS — To those of you who have already read the book, please post a review(s) online! Your review is powerful in helping others decide whether or not to purchase and read the book.
UPDATE: We’ve got four winners … with a little grace to a couple of entrants … one sent in the answer via smoke signals (OK, it was on Facebook) and one only gave only the first half of the two-part question, but once you’ve got the correct reference the “who” is pretty easy. We’ll call it good. Thanks for your interest!


  1. c. lynnette thomas

    The first use of the word ‘worship’ was in Genesis 22:5. Abraham and Isaac were doing the worshipping. Yes? 🙂

  2. Erick Adams

    Gen. 22:5 and Gen. 47:31 NASB 1995 edition

  3. Nancy Wolfe

    Genesis 22:5 Abraham and his son

  4. Matt

    Genesis 22:5. Abraham and Isaac

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