When Darkness Falls: Walking Through Depression


We recently completed a six-week series on depression at our church. Here are the audio, the PowerPoint, and outline files for each message. As you can see I was joined by two dear men for a couple of these messages. May the Lord use them to bring light to you in times of darkness, despondency and depression.

Fading Light: When Darkness Sets in            Psalm 42-43                 John Kitchen

Fading Light: PowerPoint

Fading Light: Outline

Failed Light: You’re Not Alone in the Dark  Psalm 88:18b                John Kitchen

Failed Light: PowerPoint

Failed Light: Outline

Shared Light: Help for Those who love the Depressed                     David Teare

Seeking Light: Help for the Depressed                                              Dr. Donald Lichi

Seeking Light: PowerPoint

Finding Light: Helps Along the Way             2 Corinthians 4:1-18   John Kitchen

Finding Light: PowerPoint

Finding Light: Outline

Full Light: The End of All Depression          1 Peter 1:13                 John Kitchen

Full Light: PowerPoint

Full Light: Outline