I am delighted to announce the release of my latest book, Long Story Short: God, Eternity, History and You.

God is writing a grand story–His Story–and He wants you to discover your own in His.

Long Story Short will take you on a unique journey from eternity to eternity–from Genesis to Revelation–unfolding God’s overarching plan for the whole of creation . . . and for you.

Finding your place in the vast plan of God involves:

a PURPOSE bigger than you’ve ever imagined,

a GAIN larger than you’ve ever dreamed,

a PLEASURE more intense than you’ve ever fantasized.

Dr. Richard Swenson (renown Futurist, Physician-researcher, Educator and bestselling Author of Margin) says this:

God I believe, takes a particular delight in creating meaning beneath the surface of the apparent.  We think history, and we see dusty textbooks and boring lectures.  But digging deeper, Kitchen shows us the IMAX version–history as a radiant, energetic, vibrating display of God’s glory and grace.  May we never recover.


Publisher: CLC Publications (Fort Washington, PA)

Release: October 15, 2010

Edition: Softcover, 216 pages

ISBN: 9781936143085


CLC Publications online or 1-800-659-1240 (25% off during November)


Or have your local bookstore order a copy for you